Vol.4 The Mysterious and Profound Providence of God
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Book Description

Pastor Abraham Park's fourth series of the History of Redemption series, God's Profound and Mysterious Providence, has been published, instantly becoming everyone's topic in the Christian community.

Appraised as explaining the genealogies of the Bible in the perspective of God's salvation, Pastor Park's the History of Redemption series show his tremendous strength of writing four books in two years: The Genesis Genealogies, The Covenant of the Torch that deals with Israelites' wilderness journey and the process of their conquest of Canaan, The Unquenchable Lamp of the Covenant that discusses the genealogy of Jesus Christ, and its omission of periods and individuals, and this year's God's Profound and Mysterious Providence. The series present to the Korean Christian community a distinct biblical perspective by opening a new horizon of analyzing God's work of redemption through the "covenant" and "genealogy."

According to the commentary by Dr. Yeong-Su Ye, former president of Hanshin University and president of the International Council of Churches and Ministries, the fourth book of Pastor Park not only systematically summarizes the chronologies of northern and southern kings but also offers prospects for God's redemption that God, the Creator, is the absolute sovereignty, providence and man's salvation. That is why this book is great one that makes us pour out delight and amazement as we come out of dark tunnel of ages. Dr. Ye goes on saying that the reason for Pastor Park's sufferings was the obstacles set by Satan that feared of this living stream of God's Word, and he realized that the God ensures that those sort never disrupt the way of His Word.

.As he delivers his congratulations to Pastor Park, Dr. Jae-Yong Joo, chair of the Theological Research Center and former president and professor of Hanshin University, likewise describes as miraculous the fact that Pastor Park consecutively published the History of Redemeption series with his charismatic leadership and power. Moreover, he states that it was because of Pastor Park's theological differences in methodology that he could realize the meanings behind God's redemption, and he feel indebted to Pastor Park as well as thankful of spiritual interaction he could have made through the book.

It is told that the author published the fourth book in two years, finished writing the fifth one and currently launched his journey of writing the sixth. Now that the four series have opened up the horizon in interpreting God's work of redemption and analyzing genealogies of the Bible, we hope that future volumes of the History of Redemption series continuously broaden that horizon and leave a large footprint on the Korean Christian community.

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