The History of Redemption series is

Since 2007, Reverend Abraham Park, the founder of Pyung Kang Cheil Presbyterian church and the president of Presbyterian Joint Assembly in Jeunggyeong, has published seven volumes of The History of Redemption series, which he aims to be in twelve volumes. The series sold more than 450,000, making an unprecedented record for biblical research books. What also surprised local officials was that the English version of the series( from volume 1 to 4 currently) also sold 30,0000 on, the largest online bookstore, and in Barnes& Noble which holds the largest bookstore network in the United States. Some have been translated not only in English but also in Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew and Indonesian.
The seminars on The History of Redemption Series took place in over 20 countries around the world. In the United States was spotted a scene in which hundreds of mainland Americans came to the seminars held at the Korean church just to hear the lectures. The president of the prestigious Faith Theological Seminary himself paid a visit to a ceremony celebrating the publication of English version of the series. The renowned Knox Theological Seminary awarded an honorary doctorate to the author. These highlighting events are all evidence that the U.S academic community of theology are excitedly welcoming the publication of the series.
As for the Korean academia, Doctor Kyung Bae Min , a representative scholar of the Korean academia of theology and a professor emeritus of theology in Yonsei University, lauded the books saying that they deserve a place in national libraries all around the world as well as the hall of the Academy. He further states that they will vitalize the deadlocked system of civilization if translated worldwide. The books transcend the boundaries of sects and denominations winning many scholars' acclaim close to "admiration."

The History of Redemption series currently consists of the first volume The Genesis Genealogies, the second volume The Covenant of the Torch, the third volume The Unquenchable Lamp of the Covenant, the fourth volume God's Profound and Mysterious Providence, the fifth volume, the sixth volume, and the seventh volume.

Based on thorough biblical studies, the series proves for the first time in the history that the genealogy of Jesus Christ in the book of Matthew omits many generations, that the construction period of Noah' ark is not 120 years as commonly known but in fact only 70 -80 years, that Adam, the progenitor of the human race, was contemporary with Lamech, Adam's 9th descendent and father of Noah, for 56 years and that Noah was contemporary with Abraham for 58 years.

The domestic and foreign academia combined, the History of Redemption series is evaluated as the culmination of biblical study. The decision by the Knox Theological Seminary to award a honorary doctorate to the author, for example, puts weight on this perspective.
It is receiving warm support also from the readers because of its literary style that is easy to read despite its profound content, because of which Suk Tae Kim, the president of the Reformed Theological Seminary, describes the author as an "excellent storyteller."

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