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Dr. Ki-Ho Sung

During my years of studies, the most difficult time during history class was memorizing people's names and dates. It was particularly difficult to memorize foreign names and places. I feel it is the same now when I come across difficult biblical names and places.

One of the reasons that believers give up reading the bible part way through is the contents are often confusing, dry , and perspective. In genesis the expressions "It became evening and it became morning, it was so and so day," are hard to get past. In Matthew it repeats the expression, "someone bore somebody," throughout the genealogy. Therefore, some people recommend that first-time bible readers should read mark first because there is no genealogy in the Gospel of mark. More

However, Rev. Abraham Park has been continuously publishing books about those genealogies and their years, making it easier for ministers and even lay people to understand them. Having spent tens of his ministerial years in praying two hours and reading the bible three hours daily, Rev Park has published The Genesis Genealogies, The Covenant of the Torch, and now The Unquenchable lamp of the covenant. They are truly great fruit of the author's efforts, and I highly anticipate the remaining books of the series that have not yet been published. Because the third book in the History of Redemption series, The Unquenchable Lamp of the Covenant covers the genealogy of Jesus Christ, its roots extend all the way up to the eternal god. Almighty god's plan for the redemption of mankind is clearly revealed in the genealogy of Jesus Christ. The Unquenchable Lamp of the covenant illustrates how God's covenants have been fulfilled throughout history, and continue to be upheld today.

The lives of the patriarchs who were put in the genealogy of Jesus were very complex and turbulent at times; however this precious book reveals how the plan of God's salvation continued its undaunted march toward fulfillment.

This book's well-organized genealogical summaries, be it the ascending genealogy in the Gospel of Matthew concerning Jesus' father Joseph or he descending genealogy concerning Mary's family that reaches all the way up to God, clearly show Jesus Christ as the descendent of Abraham and David.

The Unquenchable Lamp of the Covenant is the product of Rev. Abraham Park's extensive biblical knowledge and deep research, and is leading many believers on the path of righteousness. He clarifies various challenging topics through research on the original languages, commentaries of other biblical scholars, and other sources. The richness and significance of the subject matter causes the reader to take interest in the often overlooked and rarely understood subject of genealogies and chronologies. Readers are now able to examine god's profound administration, which has been hidden like a mystery. This find book reveals Rev. Abraham park's rue merit, and I heartily recommend it.

Dr. Ki-Ho Sung
Former President of Sungkyul University

Bishop Kwang- Young Jang

This is Rev. Abraham Park's third book in the History of Redemption series: The Unquenchable Lamp of the Covenant. Many Christian books have flooded the market but the unfortunate reality for readers is that there are not many books that inspire and move the hears of their readers. when I first started to read this book I figured it would be just another one of those kinds of books, but I was surprised to feel my heart being touched as I found myself being totally immersed into the book. More

Rev. Abraham park makes it easy for the reader to understand theological themes or biblical contents as he explains them with simplicity in the view of the history of redemption. the fascinating thing is that as you read this book, you are able to experience all of the characters and events of the history of redemption as if you were seeing the magnificent panoply from one choice vantage point.

I believe that a book of this weight and depth must only be the result of Rev. Abraham Park's life-long spiritual experience of bible study and prayer, coupled with his extensive research. This great work explores the genealogy of Jesus Christ, which traces back to the Old Testament. I am certain that it is by God's grace that the author, through deep meditation and research into the original language, was able to explore the lives of even the most obscure biblical characters and deftly tie them into God's spiritual vein that runs throughout the Bible. His theology, in simple terms, is covenantal and redemptive. The Bible is a book of covenants, starting with the promise of the woman's seed after the fall of Adam and eve in Genesis 3:5 until the fulfillment of the new covenant of Jesus Christ. The author explains this clearly through the genealogy of Jesus Christ.

As he shows in the introduction, this book expresses the author's philosophy and theology. The History of Redemption series is like a well-ripened fruit of the author's faith because the books are written with truthful life of prayer and intimate fellowship with God. I believe this is a "must-read" book for all, and recommended for all pastors and laypeople.

Bishop Kwang- Young Jang
Former president of the Bishops Association of the methodist Church in Korea

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