The History of Redemption series imbued with the spirit of the nation and the quintessence of faith in Jesus Christ.

The Korean Peninsula was utterly devastated by 36 years of agonizing Japanese colonization, a severe conflict between the right and the left after liberation and the Korean War. During these times, people barely lived devoid of hope, eating herb-roots and tree-barks. I felt with my whole body and underwent such ups and downs of modern history of Korea, and wept over them. Leaving my home and family behind, I, in tears, came down to South Korea for freedom. In defense of freedom and the country, I joined the army and slung guns over my shoulder. However, I was confirmed that what protects the country and nation was not a weapon but a faith in God. That is why I steered myself towards ministry. To my despair, however, the more I studied the Bible, the more confused I became. I was much disappointed with myself and lamented over my spiritual ignorance. Then I decided to take a live-or-die-attitude and climbed Mt. Jangan and Jiri. There, I, all alone, wrestled with my biblical ignorance for three years by praying and reading the Bible. I only prayed and read the Bible. When the sun went down, I had nothing else to do but to pray. Even when the sun rose, there was nothing else to do other than reading the Bible. As I was living such a life, finally, a ray of sunlight came down upon me.

“Let God be true, and every human being a liar.' (Romans 3:4)

When I realized how dishonest and corrupted I had been, I was given the grace to be newly transformed within the bosom of Jesus Christ. Since then, when I opened the Bible, I was able to understand the situations written in the Bible so clearly that I felt as if the panorama of those situations came into view before me. As I came to comprehend the word of God more and more, I was awed by the existence of such an astounding world that I deeply repented for my ignorance and rebelliousness. A spiritual world that I could never enter was widely open as a highway tunnel in the mountain. I was jubilant that I danced like a mad man. This was the starting point of my ministry and The History of Redemption series that I began publishing in 2007.
I wrote what I learned with the help of the Holy Spirit and His grace on the large leaves of arrowroot, and skewered them in long branches. And I copied them on pieces of paper that I bought when I went down to the village Hamyang once in few months. These pieces of paper helped me write the first draft of The History of Redemption series. Additionally, based on 50 years of ministry and sermons that I shared with the members of PyungKang Cheil presbyterian church, I summarized the manuscripts for the sermons in my spare time and collected all the studies I had done. In consequent, I was finally able to present to the world a humble work of mine. Throughout this time, I have received more than enough love from numerous pastors and the members of the church not only in Korea but also in the U.S and Southeast Asia. With the openins of the History of Redemption series homepage, I hope that I share my national spirit and passion for faith in God with more people.

There can be no faith without a country. Peace without faith in God is impossible. My love for Korea and fervent aspiration towards God that I felt for 90 years of my life are fully embodied here. I also realized that age is only a number. Now I plan to live as if I am having the last day of my life with the mindset of an eagle in its prime and propagate God’s love for the rest of my life and grace that I received from numerous churches in the world through The History of Redemption series books. I confess that our only salvation is in God’s grace that is founded on the redemption by Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and his resurrection. I sincerely hope that many people visit this homepage, encourage us and share with us the grace they have received.

Reverend Abraham Park
The author of The History of Redemption series.
October 20, 2013.

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