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Dr. Young-Kuk Wone

In 2009, which marks the 500th year of John Calvin's birth, the Protestant Churches worldwide (Korea included), started actively carrying out a movement toward purification and revival of the Protestant church through commemoration ceremonies and studies on Calvinism.

The work of Calvin, who left the greatest legacy in church history, is regarded as follows: "Through Calvin, reformation in Geneva transcended time and space and became the propelling force that kindled spiritual revival throughout Europe, England, and America. From Luther and Augustine, he acquired a vision on God's grace that saves sinners with His absolute sovereignty. More

This vision stirred up not only pioneering missionaries, such as William Carey, but also great leaders like Richard Baxter, John Bunyan, George Whitefield, Jonathan Edwards, Charles Surgeon, and martin Lloyd-Jones into flame" (Jung-ho Oh,et al, Calvin and Church in Korea, Seoul: Life Book, 2009. 16-17). Being published in times like this, Rev. Abraham Park's History of Redemption series in the course of the Calvinistic tradition is carrying out a tremendous work of beaming froth a new blaze of spiritual revival across the world.

Rev. Abraham Park's fourth book, God's Profound and Mysterious Providence, together with the other volumes in the series, The Genesis Genealogies, The Covenant of the Torch, and The Unquenchable Lamp of the Covenant, unravels redemptive history, using only the Bible from the beginning to the end of the book. Such work is a remarkable accomplishment that would be impossible without a full grasp of the Old and New Testaments.

In past years, Rev. Abraham Park has lived through difficult years in Korea, during which he was afflicted beyond what any human strength could bear. Yet, he silently continued on with this amazing work of writing even during this time of agony. The author is now well beyond 80 years of age, and his work has finally reached its consummation through the History of Redemption series. Such splendid accomplishment is indeed a fruition of the author's precious and blessed life; it is a result of his willingness to bring a beautiful closure to his life. I believe that this book is the sweet rain of blessing given to the Korean Church, which is stricken by the famine of the Word.

The author's literary sills are superb, and his profound spiritual insight heightens the spiritual beauty of this book. I have personally authored over 40 books untill now. Beginning with Moses' Pentateuch, I have authored The Christology of the Pentateuch, The Dictionary of Biblical Archaeology, The Up-to-Date New Testament Archaeology, Commentary on Genesis, and Commentary on Psalms. I have recently begun a commentary on the New Testament and published a commentary on the book of Jude.

However, as I read the author's book, I discovered that he was on a completely different level than I was. if my writing is a scholarly study, then the author's writing contained in this book is a profound spiritual study that penetrates through the entire Bible. He possess this inexplicable ability to disclose the enriched treasures hidden in the Bible in light of Christology. And the power of his words is like the forceful spewing eruptions of an active volcano.

This fourth book unfolds the second period in the genealogy of Jesus Christ. The author uses jesus Christ's genealogy to trace back and illumine the history of the Old Testament. Such undertaking originates from his spiritful insight that holds jesus Christ's genealogy as the condensation of the entire Old Testament.

The most remarkable feature of this particular volume is the explanation about the omitted generations in the genealogy of Jesus Christ. As we read Matthew 1:4-5 , which says , "Ram begot Amminadab, Amminadab begot Nahshon, ad Nahshon begot Salmon. Salmon begot Boaz by Rahab. . ., " we often thought that Ram's biological son was Amminadab and salmons' biological son was Boaz. However, the author elucidates that there was a gap of hundreds of years in history among these figures and successfully presents the evidences from the bible. surely, this is an unprecedented achievement that no together theologian in the world has been able to undertake to this day. The author also cleary explains the omissions of the three kings between Joram and Uzziah. What is the problem in Korea's pulpits and theological society today? It is that they are gradual drifting away from the Word of God. Numerous preachers are presenting their sermons in flowery words, charismatic humor and embellished speeches; but great indignation overwhelms us as we find sermons without Jesus Christ and preaching irrelevant to God's word. At a time like this, Rev. Abraham park's work clearly directs the churches and theological societies of this world to the path they must take.

This book by Rev. Abraham Park lifts up its voice that the only way of survival for Korea's church and theological society is " by scripture alone," or "by the Word of God alone (Sola Scriptura) ," the very plea for which the Protestant Reformers have fought.

In today's spiritually dim generation, I heartily recommend Rev. Abraham Park's latest book for I am full assured that it will light up the darkness as a torch of God's profound providence.

Dr. Young-Kuk Wone

Professor Emeritus at Anyang University
Honorary Chairman of the Korean Archaeological Societ

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