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Dr. Yeong-Su Ye

As a scholar, coming across a good book brings me great happiness. Not only does a good book display the author's background and culture, it is a representation of his life. Every time I open the pages of The Unquenchable Lamp of the Covenant, I am pleased to note that the author is a s harp as ever even now that he has become a mature and seasoned man of God. The author's untiring effort to research the material is clearly evident in this great book. More

When we open this book, we see the heading "God Who is Greater Than all," and the following text describes the vast panorama of the universe. Author Rev. Abraham Park explains that God's agape love is in comparably greater than the vast and perfectly conducted planetary movements of the universe. This everlasting love exits solely in the hope that it will save even one solitary soul; therefore, this saving grace is too precious to be put into words.

The author proclaims that the genealogy of Jesus Christ is part of God's work of Salvation in which God, the creator "who so loved the world," sent His only son, Jesus Christ, so that the people of the world may "believe in him and they will gain everlasting life." Not only does the author clearly reveal the lives of Joseph's 41 ancestors shown in Matthew 1, and Mary's 77 ancestors in Luke 3, but he also compares their ancestries to prove god's perfectly calculated redemptive administration. The author also explains the historical, economic, political , and even religious settings of each important individual's time period in God's redemptive administration. The interesting definitions of the characters' names illuminate how the names affected their personalities, and even influenced their actions. This book also illustrates how God's redemptive administration is linked to our own lives and salvation. it is awe-inspiring to see God's plan unfold through this progression of characters that led to the coming of our savior, Jesus Christ. Each individual carries a role that is perfectly synchronized with God's puzzling, yet perfect plan for a redemptive salvation.

Rev. Abraham Park made a hit in the Christian community when he released The Genesis Genealogies in 2007 and The Covenant of the Torch in 2008. he surprised the community once agin with this third book, which follows the theme of Jesus' genealogy seen through the lens of God's redemptive plan. we cannot help but be in awe of the author's passion for reviving the gospel and striving to find God's life-giving plan. In this succinctly written book, there is a truthful dedication in each and every word that is unique to the author. Like a final confession, his writing is full of earnest sincerity. The author also shares his individuality by explaining his victories against many trials and tribulations that the encountered during his long life of 80 years with the great love of Jesus Christ. This book burns with a passionate faith for Jesus Christ from beginning to end. Dear readers, this book plainly exposes the abstract substance of faith through God's redemption.

Simply, put this book is the nexus of theology and ministry, logic and evidence, and sermons and scientific theories. The unfortunate truth is that many preachers deliver a sermon without any theological elements . A message that is focused on practicality may move the hearts of the congregation at times, but can also stay from the background of theology and cause an injurious effect. One the other hand, many theologians fail to affect their audiences due to their heavy reliance on theories and research. Pastor Abraham Park's superb book deftly sidesteps these potential flaws, combining ministerial and theological elements. I am deeply confident that this book will aid individual researchers of the Bible and further assist congregational studies performed in churches.

Above all, this books' strength lies in its faithful exposition of god's redemptive administration. The large case of biblical characters is presented in order to teach, remind, and correct. Although many biblical figures boasted great achievements, their greatness should be strictly reflected toward the Glory of God. Be it a story of a character's good faith, or even the decline of the unfaithful, both narratives point towards God's ultimate plan. Despite stan's evil doings and numerous sinful deviations, wicked characters, and human failings, God's plan has never stopped of faltered. The excitement only continues to grow as we await the triumphant and majestic return of jesus Christ, which will be the final step to completing God's redemptive plan. These historic proceedings have been brilliantly examined in the author's ground breaking study of Jesus Christ's genealogy.

The author has given us the names of all the biblical figures in Jesus Christ's genealogy, supporting bible verses, brief explanation, an outline of genealogical characters, a list of generations, details of the flight of David, David's lineage, and so on, allowing readers to throughly understand the genealogy. No other theologian or preacher has ever attempted to trace Jesus' lineage in such detail. The author's decision to delve into the bible shows that he's been blessed with rare and remarkable spiritual insight- evidence of a lifetime spent in prayer and the study of God's word. The author's theology is based upon redemption and the covenant. This work claims that the entire history of the Old Testament was purposefully written for Jesus Christ's redemptive plan, and futhermore examines the various covenants that God made after the fall of man.

Ultimately, this book's finest conclusion is that once God has made a covenant, no amount of sinful intrusion should weaken our faith that god will fulfill His promise. Although we strive to live with faith, we often times we fall and surrender to our human frailty. I can think of countless instances of failure in my own life, but the proclamation that God uses both victory and failure in order to complete His redemptive plan should give us all a new hope and strength. This book's conclusion is reflected by its title. it's a declaration that we can continue to hope upon the unquenchable lamp of the covenant. Jesus spoke to His frightened disciples in matthew 10 :26, "So have no fear of them, for nothing is covered that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known." This was a proclamation made by the Lord that confidently assures us that the gospel is the true wisdom and there will come a day when it will be revealed to the entire world.

I sincerely hope that this precious book will open a path for the gospel, still stained with the blood of Jesus christ, to spread throughout the entire world and be used as a stool in God's plan for salvation. As the author concluded , 'God's fervent zeal will unquenchably burn along with the lamp of the covenant until they day that God's administration in the history of redemption is completed." I hope that readers will join the author in his unrelenting effort for sharing Jesus Christ's work of redemption.

Dr. Yeong-Su Ye

President of the International Christian Academy President of the International Council of Churches and Ministries Former president of Hanshin University Graduate School

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