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Dr. Andrew J. Tesia

President of the Research Institute of Reformed Theology.

Everyone who has received salvation, including laypeople, pastors with a special calling, and theologians, must continue to study the inspired revelation, the Word of God, throughout their lives and apply what they have learned. Just as food is essential for the sustenance of life, this effort is essential for our spiritual survival. More

Among the various approaches available for correct understanding and application of the Word, total trust and faith in the word as well as persistent effort and research are imperative. This is an absolute calling that all Christians must respond to in gratitude for the Lord's grace and love. Therefore, all Christians (including pastors and theologians), as debtors to God's grace, must always walk with the Word as the deer pants for the water brooks (Ps 42:1). it is not an easy task to discover a coherent theme and gain penetrating insight on the revealed word. This is because of the long duration of time, historical circumstances, and the varied experiences and educational backgrounds of the authors during the recording of the inspired Word. it is impossible to comprehend God's profound will with our limited capacity, even through persistent readings and studies of the Word. At the Second Coming of the Lord, in the last days, when the perfect comes, the partial will be done away (1 Cor 13:10). I sincerely long for the day of the Lord's coming. Maranatha!

Recently, Rev. Abraham Park attempted something that no one has attempted before, through two books: The Genesis Genealogies and The Covenant of the Torch. They are sure to astonish the world.

I first met Rev. Park about ten years ago at a world missions conference that I attended through the invitation of my friend Rev. Andrew Phipps. I was greatly blessed as I listened to Rev. Park, through the powerful work of the Holy Spirit, preach vividly about Jesus christ's suffering and crucifixion. I later heard some negative criticism against Rev. Park, and so I became reserved and watched him from a distance to discern what kind of person he is. Over the past ten years, I have heard his sermons about four times. I was greatly inspired and truly received grace each time I heard his messages. My soul, which had dried up from conventional faith, felt revived, like a fish thrown back into the water. The more I observed Rev. Park, the more I lamented that such a godly and faithful man and true pastor has to go through the frustration of being misunderstood. Then one day, Rev. Phipps gave me two manuscripts that Rev. park authored. I read them right away. I could not put them down until I finished reading them. They are simply marvelous. After reading them, I was deeply ashamed that I had not completely accepted Rev. Park as a true servant of God. Hence, with an apologetic heart, I write this commentary. Rev. Park uses the covenantal links to dynamically unfold the enormous biblical discourse, which no one can come close to endeavoring, from the perspective of God's redemptive plan. He logically and perfectly depicts this theme as the central theme of Christian theology as well as the theme of his own faith and theological belief. This surely is the result of his lifelong devotion to prayer and his study of the Word with gratitude for the Lord's grace. he has read the Bible hundreds of times since his calling, and his books are compilations of the Word of God and the spiritual mysteries of the Bible that he was awoken to through the process. Through the two books, we pastors and theologians will have to examine ourselves to see if we have lived our lives fulfilling the tasks we were given. At times, we must lend our ears to his discussions and confront the challenges.

First, by clearly organizing the bible from the salvation and covenant perspective, Rev. park has attempted something that has not been attempted during the two thousand years of the church's history. There are countless biblical commentaries and interpretations available. Furthermore, many pastors are studying and preaching the Bible based on various existing theological frameworks, typically those based on Calvinism and orthodox theology founded upon conservative faith. Nevertheless, once cannot help but be amazed at Rev. Park's work, which approaches the Bible, the original text of Christianity, as a great discourse and unfolds it coherently from the covenantal perspective. His two books truly reveal the essence of his immense theological beliefs and the perfect and logical development of his competence. More than anything, it is shocking to see a man of little scholarship (as he confesses to be) explain the profound Word in such a clear and easy way. It is amazing to see how both The Genesis Genealogies and The covenant of the Torch are so perfectly arranged and harmonized. The mathematical calculations of the chronological years in history since the time of Adam cause readers to marvel at his immense effort and achievement, although further discussions my be needed as new archaeological discoveries are made. His achievement is truly a stern admonition to pastors and theologians who profess to be what they call "conservative" but have spent and are spending their time in denominational power struggles rather than working to fulfill their God-given tasks. A tearful, contrite heart is required.

Second, Rev. Park is now in his early eighties, but in both The Genesis Genealogies and The Covenant of the Torch he pours out the spiritual mysteries of the Bible that he was awoken to in a clear, detailed, and powerful literary style. Readers will be overtaken by a magical spell of continuous tension and anticipation that leaves them breathless and motionless. Above all, his literary교 style has powerful spiritual charisma that attracts the readers' attention. I believe that this is because Rev. Park himself has lived his whole life captured by the Word. Hence, his sermons call to min the great "Prince of Preachers" who shook up not only England but also all the rest of the world in the mid-nineteenth century, Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Spurgeon was faced with the challenges of a time that was rapidly inclining toward the liberal left, and solitarily he poured out the Word of God into the minds of people through his sermons from the pulpit and his written works. The thousands who congregated at the London Central Baptist Church were captivated by his sermons as they listened breathlessly, with the exception of occasional bursts of acclamation and shouts of joy. The Word of grace that he had received he proclaimed with great strength and zeal, like a spiritual lion's roar. Unfortunately, he spent long, heartbreaking years facing much dissension, misunderstandings, disputes, and refutations. Nevertheless, with conviction in the Word of God, he pushed on with his pastoral ministry, standing firmly upon the orthodox belief of Calvinism. language represents one's beliefs. In that respect, Rev. Park my actually be the wizard of language that the Lord has sent to us during these turbid times where the Word of God has become scarce, and good and evil hard to distinguish. Despite his advanced age, his skill and ability to freely narrate the Word of God in his own words stand unrivaled. He is undeniably a faithful servant of God, completely captured by the Word and inspired by salvation.

Third, the foundation of Rev. park's faith and theology was established through unspeakable suffering and affliction. Through times of trial and isolation he looked only upon God and trusted only in Him. He concentrated solely on faithfully raising his sheep- the congregation entrusted to him. He was captivated by a strong sense of calling and was unable to escape God's hands even for one moment. he spent many years in solitude as a result of unfounded accusations and jealousy. Nevertheless, he fully dedicated inspiration in one hand and God's sovereign authority in the other. As is well known, St. Augustine spent his youth is dissipation and pagan philosophy. He was even dedicated to Manichaeism at one time. However, after he met the Lord, he put an end to his old way of life and completely dedicated himself to the Lord. He gave thanks for the grace and love of the Lord of creation and found peace through repentance. Who among us today can criticize him, ostracize him, and condemn him as libertine or a heretic? The grace and blessings that the church has received through him over the past fifteen hundred years of church history are immeasurable. How his Confessions have consoled many Christians, especially those who were struggling! He is considered one of the few preeminent figures of church history. There is no such thing as a perfect person in this world. I find Rev. Park's two books to be as moving as St. Augustine's Confessions, and readers will discover a yearning for God burning like an active volcano.

Fourth, the core of Christian theology is the progression from prophecy to fulfillment toward completion through the interpretation of the Bible using the Bible. At the center of this development is the variety of types that appear in the Old testament, Christ's suffering and crucifixion and completion through the second coming in the end. Through his great suffering and trials Rev. park has developed a strong yearning for the return of the Lord and His glory. This is illustrated in his description of the patriarchs from Abraham to Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph, and to Moses and Joshua after the exodus. It will be depicted in greater detail in books to follow. Therefore, his understanding of the biblical history of redemption, which is the covenantal belief, is based completely on the Bible. This is possible because he was educated and trained in a conservative theological seminary and denomination. That is why, even in his advanced age, he has embarked on this great project that no one else has dared to attempt. Truthfully, who among us, whether pastor or theologian, can coherently unravel this great discourse?

Rev. Park's well-versed knowledge of God's Word, the Bible, throw a great challenge to theologians whose knowledge is limited to one are of theology, for the Bible needs to be understood thoroughly and in its entirety. Theologians generally are very proficient in the areas of their study and research, but Rev. park shows his spiritual power and knowledge in all areas of theology, which enables him to freely and appropriately use different parts of the Bible.

This is a lifelong project that Rev. Park has solely endeavored as part of his unyielding vow with god in response to the grace and love that he has received. His head and heart are filled with the Bible and the fervent zeal to think and live with the Word. In this sojourner's world we have discovered an old servant struggling to pour himself out as a drink offering on the Lord's altar, just like the apostle Paul.
Fifth, the well-organized logic and real challenges and applications of Rev. Park's work are distinguished yet natural. The details and motivating power come from his many years of experience and lifelong pastoral ministry.

His applications are concise and entirely based on the Bible. Although he uses very concise and plain language, his sentences contain a concentrated form of theological depth that no other pastor or theologian can mimic. He addresses highly debated issues that even theologians cannot easily address, such as the relationship between Abraham and Jacob, the relationship between Judah and Joseph, and the various themes that develop through Moses' life. His discoveries that the duration of the construction of Noah's ark was less than the well-accepted 120 years and of the forty-two camp sites during the israelites' wilderness journey are the first of their kind since the time of Noah and Moses. This is a marvelous and celebrated achievement unimaginable even for a scholar who has dedicated his entire life to the study of the Bible and theology. Unfolding the great discourse using a concise sermon format and storytelling style stands out in the world of theology, which places importance on logic and proof based on scholarship. Rev. Park unravels this discourse smoothly and with the sincerity of a grandfather narrating a story to his grandchild. His thorough insight of the bible gives him the agility to maneuver through it and the ability to visually illustrate the Old and New Testaments as with a computer. His analysis of heretofore unresolved theological issues can easily be considered a masterpiece.

Finally, what is most urgently needed in all the churches today? Proper understanding of the Bible and its application in life are necessary to overcome the long period of stagnation. This is the goal that the church needs to pursue in the rapidly changing twenty-first century in order to recover the lost glory of old. For this purpose, we must first learn to live out the Word of God, develop our theological awareness and revitalize the redemptive movement. Frankly, an understanding of the inspired Word of revelation, the Bible and effective application in life are the universal hope of all pastors. Learning to effectively deliver the Word from the pulpit is a lifelong assignment for pastors. To be able to do this, they must first gain through knowledge of the Bible. This knowledge refers not merely to literal interpretation, but also to the ability to see the entire flow and to accurately reveal the meaning of each part. Another crucial task is to shed light on how the revelations of the Bible are fulfilled in history. Paradoxically, we are living in an age where the Word of God is overflowing and scarce at the same time. Thus, we must fathom the depth of God's will through the redemptive and covenantal approach. Thus, I joyfully recommend Rev. Park's The Genesis Genealogies and The Covenant of the Torch to all the churches of the world, for they not only satisfy the spiritual aspirations of thirsting Christians, but also are an absolute necessity for those who desire a more mature life of faith. I pray that you read these books once and receive a double portion of blessings.

Andrew J. Tesia
President of the Research Institute of Reformed Theology.

Dr. Akira Horiuchi

After reading this book, I was not only able to feel the very message that the Bible delivers to us through historical facts, but also able to obtain an understanding of things that were not possible through other books. Futhermore, through the insights given by this book, I felt my heart overflowing with joy and vitality from studying the Bible, the 째강 of God. As a result, faith will not remain as stagnant knowledge, but will become apparent in life and action. The life of faith will not only remain as words, but applied through works in everyday life. More

I have had fellowship with the author upon the basis of biblical faith and observed his life and the formation of his church. I have seen and heard him from close and far away, and learned much from his attitude of faith. There have been many people who criticized the author's sermons and ministry, but the author truly loves God and his neighbors, and consistently testifies that the Bible is God's Word. One of the characteristics that stand out in this book is the author's interpretation of the Bible based on deep spirituality and abundant Biblical knowledge like the works of F. B. Meyer

I have not seen any of the factors for which the author suffered criticism in my long-time relationship with him. Rather, the author and his church have inspired the congregation of our church to read the Bible carefully diligently, trust in God's promises, pray, serve the Lord faithfully, and expend our efforts for evangelism, leading people to christ for salvation. Consequently, our church pushed forward to become a church that loves Jesus and our neighbors, which resulted in the births of eight local churches.

As I recommend this book, I pray that every reader of this book may discover the great work and truth of our God the Creator, who works in the midst of those who believe and be filled with God's abundant blessings.

Dr. Akira Horiuchi

Representative Pastor of Grace Missions Evangelical Free Church of Japan
Chairman of the Food for the Hungry International (F. H. I)
Chief Director of King's Garden in Mie (social welfare organization)

Rev. Tae-Deuk Lim

Easy for anyone to read and understand, The culmination of much toil.

I wholeheartedly congratulate Rev. Abraham Park, senior pastor of Pyung Kang Che-il Church, for completing and publishing The Genesis Genealogies in the year of "Jubilee," denoting fifty years of his ministry. Knowing that leaving behind a book of written words is a far more challenging and difficult task than mere utterances, I believe that this work is the fruit of a pastor who has read the Holy Scriptures hundreds of times. More

The Genesis Genealogies chronologically sequences the various figures that appear in Genesis, examines the succession of faith and the secession of disbelief, profoundly probes into the environments and backgrounds of each and every period on the foundation of they Holy Scriptures, and imparts a clear understanding of the difference between Cain's genealogy in the succession of disbelief and Seth's genealogy in the succession of faith. In addition, from the lens of God's redemptive history, th book unravels the legendary course behind the separation of Abraham, the central figure of the Genesis genealogies, from the world, insightfully explaining it based on the Scriptures. Rev. Park's ability to present such profoundity in a book that is interesting and easy for anyone to read and understand is truly the culmination of much toil.

The Genesis Genealogies considers the perplexing aspects of the genealogies posed by researchers of the Scriptures. Rev. Park carefully analyzes the confusion surrounding the view that since Noah's flood, man's life span was shortened to 120 years, which many have incorrectly understood as the time period that Noah took to build the ark; it explains this misperception without any bias by analyzing the Scriptures in a way that any layperson can easily understand. This book, partly because of its profound research of the Holy Scriptures, will powerfully convict those who are in doubt.

All these years, due to unjust misconceptions, Rev. Abraham Park has been negatively judged by the Korean Christian community and certain groups of people; this has resulted in a veiling of the truth about him and has thus prevented his faith and character from being known as they should be known. Those who actually meet him and directly witness his ministry often fall in love with the soundness and purity of his faith and with the power of the Word that he preaches as he preaches only of Jesus Christ. He is a man of humility who always speaks of how thankful he is that "such an unworthy man" like himself can serve by preaching the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ beyond his eighty years of age.

Personally, I had always b=hoped for Rev. Abraham Park's true character to be revealed as it should be; now, through this book, The Genesis Genealogies, it will be, albeit partially, known to the world.

I encourage all who desire to live a life of faith centered on the Scriptures as well those who wish to inherit from the line of godly succession, to read this book many times. having recognized the fact that the descendants of unbelief will gradually drift away from the realm of God's blessing, and with the sincere hope that those who read this book will continue the genealogy of the godly descendants, I recommend this book with the utmost joy.

Tae-Deuk Lim

Senior Pastor of Dae-Myung Church in Daegu
Former Moderator of the Hap-dong; General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Korea

Dr. Youngyup Cho

One of the examples that show how Rev. Park has a proficient and thorough understanding of the Bible.

I offer my sincere congratulations to Rev. Abraham Park for introducing his precious work The Genesis Genealogies: God's Administration in the History of Redemption to the church of Korea on this fiftieth year of his ministry. More

I got a glimpse of the author's character, faith, and scholastic attitude as I read his introduction, where he says that although this book "may be inadequate as fruit presented before God" and "is certainly not a theological or scholarly piece of work," he asks readers to "read this book with a Christlike heart of understanding, forgive any awkward sentences, and give generous tolerance to any unintended mistakes." He continues, "When Peter asked, 'Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him?' Jesus answered, 'I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven' (Matt 18:21-22). I ask that you overlook my shortcomings with the love and mercy of Christ. If anything has been accomplished through this inadequate servant, I confess that it was not the work of this eighty-year-old sinner, but completely the work of the Lord. "

I started to read this book with skepticism, wanting to find out and understand who Rev. Park really is because I had come across writings of many people that accuse and criticise him in the United States and in Korea. By scrutinizing this book from the first page to the last, I was able to see that he has critically and accurately studied the Genesis genealogies from the perspective of the history of redemption. Moreover, he has compiled the book in conjunction with the Scripture verses. I believe that this is just one of the examples that show how Rev. Park has a proficient and thorough understanding of the Bible.

I joyfully recommend this book and pray that whoever reads it, whether professor, minister, theological student, or layperson, will be inspired and give thanks for the grace of God's work of redemption and return unto Him all the glory.

Professor of the Kyeyak Graduate School of Theology


"A welcoming shock... I could not contain my surprise."

The Bible is the Word of the living God. If the Bible did not exist, all mankind would remain in darkness without any hope. The Book of Genesis is not only the introduction to the Bible, but also the basis of the principle of salvation recorded throughout the Bible. Without knowing Genesis, we cannot come to understand the core of the Bible. Genesis is composed of ten genealogies (toledoth). Thus, by studying these genealogies in Genesis, we can fathom God's will for salvation, which permeates the whole Bible. More

This book examines the critically important Genesis genealogies from the perspective of salvation. What a welcoming shock it was to read this book for the first! I could not contain my surprise, because although Rev. Abraham Park is over eighty years old, the depth of his book exceeds all imagination.

There have been many books, both domestic and international, dealing with the genealogies in Genesis. In many ways, this book stands on par with the other books. However, I regard The Genesis Genealogies as unrivaled in the subject of its study. Rev. Park's book chronologically organizes the lives of all the people who appear in the genealogies, from Adam to Abraham. This would have been a difficult task even for the expert theologians in this field of study. Therefore, it is an even greater feat for an aged pastor to organize such a complex genealogy and create an accurate timeline. Furthermore, because the book is Bible-centered and written from the perspective of salvation, Jesus Christ is unmistakably revealed in every corner of the book. Given that the author was able to organize such an extensive and sophisticated subject, it is evident that he has dedicated much time to conduct comprehensive research.

A book reveals an author's ideology. This book clearly manifests the fact that the author's faith is based on the Bible and the gospel. From my reading of The Genesis Genealogies, I believe that Rev. Abraham Park is a man of the gospel, and that his faith is sound because it seeks to reveal "only Jesus." This book will help wipe away all the misunderstanding about its author.

It is fortunate for the churches in Korea that a book containing such precious information is receiving the spotlight during increasingly dark times. It is a great blessing from God. I highly recommend this book with the sincere hope that it will become widely read by pastors and laypersons alike, and that it will play a critical role in the movement of the Korean churches' return to the Word of God. I pray for the overflowing blessings from the triune God for all those who read this book.

Young-Bae Cha
Former President of the Chongshin University

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