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Dr. Yeong-Su Ye

Recently, I received a letter from a pastor asking me to theologically evaluate The Genesis Genealogies written by Rev. Abraham Park in order that he can correctly guide his parishioners. This became an opportunity for me to start researching about Rev. Abraham Park and read his book carefully. Through my studies , I came to know the fact that Rev. Park has experienced a great deal of heartache and suffering for a long time because of libelous accusations and misapprehensions. when I found out that some of those slanderers even fabricated a picture of Rev. park with his congregation in oder to attack him, I could not suppress my righteous indignation. I learned that he persevered endless accusations with an attitude of turning the other cheek. I was saddened to learn that many years of mental affliction caused him to lose most of his teeth, and now he has to use denture. More

As I was reading The Genesis Genealogies, I was strongly convicted that he is a man of sound and profound faith based on absolute Christ-centered beliefs and redemptive theological viewpoint. I was able to discover the author's true qualities through The Covenant of the Torch, the second book he has published. Although he is an 82-year-old man, he has authored a 297 page book as a second volume in the History of Redemption series. I could not but admire his persistency in studying and reading the Bible over and over, the amount of data and accuracy of his knowledge, his complete devotion to the Word of the Bible, his godly faith and theology, and the keen eyes to see and understand God's administration of redemption in history by studying the genealogies of the biblical patriarchs.

There are several fortes that stand out in this book. First, this book allows the readers to easily see and grasp israel's history from Abraham until the conquest of Canaan. The book organizes a vast amount of information including Abraham's family tree and genealogy, all the historical events that happened in each generation, God's prophecy and Jacob's twelve sons and the fulfillment through the blessings given in the time of Moses, the death of the leaders in the wilderness, wars before and after the entry into Canaan, and the redemptive significance for not recording the firstborns according to their birth order in the genealogy, etc. I was impressed at the author's concentrated effort in organizing so much information in a way that is simple and easy-to-understand.

Second, the map of 'The Exodus and Wilderness Journey" is probably the first in the world. It is a compilation of a great amount of data that has been published up until now and the author's on-site surveys. The map includes the details of the 42 camp sites of the 40 years in the wilderness, the meaning of their names, location, events that happened and the lesson we can learn. I can boldly say that his is a splendid achievement in the Church history.

Third, the author clearly resolves the biblical dilemma concerning the fulfillment of the covenant of the torch by examining the matter from a history of redemption perspective. God promised Abraham in the covenant of the torch. "Then in the fourth generation they (Abraham's descendants) shall return here...." However, the actual generation that returned from Egypt to Canaan was much later than the fourth generation. The author explicitly answers this dilemma in the Bible. This is truly a highlight in the studies of the Bible. The subtitle for this book, A Forgotten Encounter in the History of the Exodus and Wilderness Journey is also very intriguing. This book connects the biblical events according to their historical flow in a way that the events and characters come alive. Those who read this book will be inspired and feel as though God's covenant of the flaming torch is being fulfilled today through their very lives.

I sincerely pray that the Church and all Christians may recover the forgotten encounter with God and have a heartfelt reunion. As an 85-year-old Caleb conquered and triumphed like a 40-year-old warrior, I pray and bless that Rev. Abraham Park would conquer and become triumphant. Recommending Rev. park and The Covenant of the Torch.

Dr. Yeong-Su Ye

President of the International Christian Academy
President of the International Council of churches and Ministries
Former President of Hanshin University Graduate School

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