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Book Description

“The Covenant of the Torch: A Forgotten Encounter in the History of the Exodus and Wilderness Journey"

Amid unprecedented attention from the religious and publishing world, The Covenant of the Torch: A Forgotten Encounter in the History of the Exodus and Wilderness Journey has been published. While The Genesis Genealogy, the first book of The History of Redemption Series, covers 20 generations from Adam to Abraham, A Forgotten Encounter covers the fulfillment of the covenant of the torch that Abraham received, that is to say the history from Israel's escape from Egypt to the settlement in Canaan. The covenant of the torch is a historic event in which the Israelites took four generations to return to Canaan after 400 years of enslavement in Egypt.

Brought light on a forgotten promise through the covenant of the torch.

As in the case of The Genesis Genealogy, A Forgotten Encounter does not focus merely on researching the history of the past. It complies with an old saying that take the old and create something new. As its title suggests, the author diagnoses the current situation of humanity as "forgotten" and "amnesiac." The cause of this situation can be traced back to "loss" : as a result of forgetting the promise with the God and eternal world, we live on absent of life, love and reverence. By examining the Israel history from Abraham to Joshua, A Forgotten Encounter vividly shows the forgotten promise, the consistent message of the Bible that lost blessing is retrievable when the encounter with the God revives. The only way to recover the promise is the Word of God. The footprints of the Israelites, who walked into the promised land of Canaan passing through the wilderness, symbolize the path on which today's people are walking.

Presented the world's first map of "The Exodus and Wilderness Journey."

A Forgotten Encounter has a distinctive feature along with the book. It presents for the first time in the world a carefully formulated map that linked the route of the Exodus and wilderness journey. The map is strictly predicated upon the Bible to locate 42 camps that the Israelites set up starting from Rameses to Gilgal. Identifying some sites necessitated additional effort from the author who did a field investigation and referred to oral stories delivered by the locals. Despite fragmented images of evidence, the book discernibly spots the major events of the Exodus such as the capital of the Red Sea, the incidence of the Ten Commandments, the incidence of the Golden Calf, the death of Aaron and Miriam and the death of Moses. People in the religious world internationally and nationally admire the feature that they say this could surely be used as a textbook for theology.

“A work of 7-month- labor. Marvelous"

A Forgotten Encounter has 349 pages in total. Compared to The Genesis Genealogy that has 249 pages, it is compiled by the greater number of pages. The fact that the second series came to be published just in 7 months after the first publication of The Genesis Genealogy rendered scholars in amazement. It is reported that one eminent scholar admired that the line references made in the book corresponded with the Bible without a single error, and could not believe how this book came into being just in 7 months. Even before the publication of The Genesis Genealogy , there were not a few scholars who had some reservations about the book. However, The Genesis Genealogy hit the record of forty thousand. Consequently, more domestic scholars as well as scholars from abroad speak highly of the book that now many nods their heads to the fact that "the author is the scholar of the scholars." It is known that the author has begun writing the third book.

The promise made with the God is bound to happen even if human live on oblivious to the idea. A Forgotten Encounter delivers the message to humanity in oblivion and loss that "the promised land is Canaan and you should certainly return to Canaan." Now is the time to re-listen the promise attentively and fulfill the obligation to spread its Word bestowed upon the readers of A Forgotten Encounter.

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